I like to keep marine fish in my aquarium. I admit it.

When I was a little child, my family took me to the Aquarium, and ever since then, I’ve been mesmerized by the beauty and magnificence of aquariums that include saltwater fish. Because of this fascination, I now have more marine aquariums than I can count, I have completed my training to become a licensed SCUBA diver so that I can see the fish that live in saltwater aquariums in their natural environments, and I have a degree in marine science.

Despite my best efforts, however, I do not currently have room in my house for a marine fish tank. This is mostly because I am concentrating my efforts on attempting to have children rather than fish. In order to make up for this absence, which I am hoping will only be temporary, I have made the decision to create this blog in which I will share my expertise and enthusiasm over saltwater fish tanks and the residents of such tanks with anybody who is interested in doing so.

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