What Should My Nitrate Level Be? (Saltwater Aquarium Guide)

When caring for fish in a salt water aquarium, it is essential to maintain low levels of nitrogen; otherwise, the animals would perish. Fish are living animals, and just like people, they must consume food and excrete waste in order to survive. The discharge of waste material results in an increase in the amount of nitrogen and carbon dioxide that are present in the water. Either the algae that are already present in the tank or the process of aeration will remove the carbon dioxide from the water.

Bacteria are required to transform the nitrogen into compounds with a lower toxicity level. The waste material is broken down by these bacteria into ammonia, which is next turned into nitrite, and finally into nitrate. After doing so, the plants make use of this as a source of fertilizer, and it is taken from the water. When there are no plants present, as is the case in certain salt water aquariums, the nitrates need to be removed by some other method, most often via filters.

There are three possible types of filtration systems for fish tanks: mechanical, chemical, and biological. The majority of aquariums are designed to support all three kinds of filters, and as the aquarium owner, it is up to you to decide which type of filter to employ. If you are just starting off, you should probably seek some guidance on this topic and avoid using biological filters for the time being, or at the very least, don’t put all of your faith in them since it will take some time to become accustomed to them.

You are going to need filters, but you are also going to need some kind of aeration. Because fish use a significant amount of oxygen, it is essential to maintain high levels of oxygen in salt water aquariums. You may acquire air pumps, air stones or air hoses. In order to maintain the water temperature within the appropriate range, which is determined by the kind of fish that you have decided to purchase, you will need to make use of a heater. Last but not least, you will want appropriate lighting for the aquarium. Be careful not to overdo it with the number of bulbs you use, since fish do not like being illuminated in the same way that a Christmas tree is.

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