400 Gallon Marine Fish Tank With Some Impressive Plumbing

This video shows a marine fish tank that is 10 feet long and holds 400 gallons of water.

Even though there doesn’t seem to be any live rock or corals in the tank, there does appear to be at least one or two invertebrates swimming about in there.

Regarding the marine inhabitants of this saltwater aquarium, there is a dazzling selection of tangs, angelfish, butterfly fish, triggerfish, and other species included inside this tank. It is difficult to count how many fish are swimming about in this tank, but there must be at least twenty to thirty of them since there is usually a lot going on in this tank.

It requires some substantial equipment, notably filtration, to keep such a large tank and such a large number of salt water aquarium fish alive and well. In addition, this movie will take you behind the scenes (or, more accurately, beneath the scenes) to show you what it is that keeps this fish tank running.

An astounding number of filters, tubing, valves, skimmers, a chiller, fans, and other items are included in this package. This movie is a video that you may watch to see this remarkable marine fish tank in action…

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