My All-Time Favorite Marine Fish Tank Inhabitant

Of all the species of fish I’ve had in my fish tanks over the years, there’s one that stands out above the others as my all-time favorite.

It’s the Snowflake Moray Eel.

I’ve always been mesmerized by Moray Eels. Watching their heads poke out their lairs with their mouths rhythmically opening and closing.

Combine that with the beauty and attitude of the Snowflake Moray and you’ve got an awesome marine fish tank inhabitant.

These eels are commonly found in aquarium stores and are instantly recognizable by their beautiful white bodies covered with black, brownish and yellow spots. They are also fairly hardy and mostly reef safe. Just make sure you don’t have any crabs, lobsters,  or shrimp in the tank because the Snowflake will make a meal out of them.

They are also expert escape artists…a fact that I know firsthand.

One night I was up late watching TV in my room where my tank was located. Knowing their reputation, I had a full hood on the tank and covered up the holes for the heater, filter, etc. with plastic to keep everyone in the tank. As I was watching TV, all of a sudden I thought I saw a flash out of the corner of my eye. I thought I had imagined it, but after a minute decided I better go investigate.

I looked in the tank and didn’t see my Snowflake Moray and then looked behind the tank and, sure enough, there he was slithering around on the floor like a snake. (And, if I tell you the gap between the plastic and the tank hood couldn’t have been more than 1″ or so, yet he was able to launch himself perfectly through it! )

I quickly got my net and, luckily, he slithered right into it (which was great because I really didn’t want to get my hand bit by an eel at 1 in the morning!). I placed him back in the tank where he swam straight to his favorite rock pile and lived happily for another year or so (with no more escape attempts).

Their escape artists tendencies aside, I still love Snowflake Morays. And they’re also voracious eaters which makes feeding time a lot of fun. Here’s a video of one devouring some frozen brine shrimp…

There’s no shortage of interesting and beautiful inhabitants you could add to your marine fish tank. But the Snowflake Moray Eel is firmly implanted at the top of my list of favorites.

What’s at the top of your list of favorites? Please share them in the comment section below.

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