A Critical, Yet Often Overlooked Piece of Equipment for your Marine Fish Tank

Sure, all the “sexy” pieces of equipment for marine fish tanks get most of the attention…the tank itself, lighting, filtration, etc.

But there’s one critical piece of the puzzle that often gets overlooked. And it’s one that’s not so much for sake your marine tank’s inhabitants as for yours.

I’m talking about a GFI, or Ground Fault Interrupter. It’s also known as a GFCI or ground fault circuit interrupter.

A GFI is a type of electrical outlet that protects you from electrical shock. The idea of the GFI is to protect your house or apartment from an electrical fire. The way it works is it monitors the electricity that flows in a circuit. If it detects any loss of current it turns off, protecting both you and your house from potential disaster.

You’ll commonly find GFIs in bathroom outlets and kitchen outlets. However, it’s likely the outlet that you plug the electrical devices like heater, filter, and lights is in your bedroom, living room or basement and isn’t a GFI outlet.

It’s not a big deal to switch out a regular outlet for a GFI outlet. Just make sure you turn the circuit breaker off to the outlet before you take the old one out and put the GFI in! If you’re not handy, you can call a handyman to help you do this. It shouldn’t take more than 20 minute or so of their time.

Water and electricity don’t mix well. So, before you set up your marine fish tank, be sure you protect you, your house and your family by installing a GFI outlet that you plug your tank’s electrical components into.

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